Belgian Shepherd Fact Sheet

Originally bred for:            Herding and guarding sheep (Breed group: Pastoral).

 The Four Varieties of Belgian Shepherd

All varieties are physically the same, the only difference is the coat. 













Coat type


Long haired

Dogs have longer thicker coats.


Rough 'wiry' haired


Short haired


Long haired

Dogs have longer thicker coats.

Coat colour

Black only


Red to brown

Red to brown

Red, fawn and grey with dark overlay and dark mask. 

 Character:                Intelligent, attentive, agile and hardy. Very loyal. Protective of property.    Easily bored and if left alone for long periods very destructive.  Require extensive mental and physical stimulation. 

Average life span:  12-15 years

Height at shoulder: Dog: 24-26 inches   Bitch:  22-25 inches 

Average food bill:    Around 5 per week for a dog                

Ideal environment:  Preferably country life.  Not suited to a town environment and definitely not suited to living in an apartment.

Training:                    Belgians learn fast and think for themselves.  A handler needs to be kind and confident.  These dogs are sensitive and a tough approach towards these dogs just will not work.

Coat Care:                 Professional grooming is not normally required and the coat does not matt.  However the Groenendael and Tervueren will need more grooming, especially the dogs. 

Always ensure when buying a Belgian Shepherd that you see the parents (or at least the mother with the puppies) and that they have both been eye tested (clear within the last 12 months) and hip scored.  The average total hip score for Belgian Shepherds is 11 and the lower the figure the least risk of hip dysplasia later on.

(Belgian Shepherds are a breed in their own right and are not related to German Shepherds)